Hay Springs Public School BOARD of EDUCATION MEETING May 10th, 2021 MEETING MINUTES

Meeting was called to order by President Johnson at 6:32 pm in the school distance learning room, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance and the pointing out of the posting of the Open Meetings Law.

Roll Call was taken with B. Johnson, M. Reed, D. Russell, G. Heiting, M, Kearns and S. Henry present.  

School personnel in attendance included: Superintendent Mr. Lechtenberg, Principal Mr. Hagge and Bookkeeper Mrs. Wolken.

Motion to approve agenda for May 10, 2021 was made by D. Russell and seconded by S. Henry.  Roll Call Vote Passed 6/0

I. Open Forum

Administrator Reports

• Admin Reports

Superintendent – Mr. Lechtenberg

• General Information

• NASB Quick Notes

• Board members addressed by public concerns please direct them to contact the school office so staff and administration can address concerns

• Senior 2021 Graduate list for approval

• I approved the OT contract agreement with Lisa Briggs for the 2021-22 school year

• ESU 13 Contracts have been signed and returned to ESU #13

• Days cancelled have not exceeded the limit in our calendar to complete more than the required instructional time and the staff in-service days have been addressed w/in the school day and with the extension of the school day to meet the needs of our staff.  

• Board Retreat (Marcia Herring NASB May 26th from 7:00am-10:00am School Conference Room)

• State Aid Certified March 1st ($1,651,431.00)

• Staff requisitions due May 17

• Plan to contact Annual Safety inspector used in the past to complete our safety review at the end of the school year

• Teacher observation/evaluations are completed

• Non-tenured had second observations in March

• Building potential

• Advertising for replacement staff members

• PTO-Mr. L

Principal—Mr. Hagge

• Lister-Sage Custodial update

• 2021-22 Class Schedule for Review

• School Committees

• Summer maintenance plans/estimates

• Danielson Teacher Evaluation Draft

Director of Student Services/Counselor Report – Mrs. Marx

Activities Director’s – Ms. Kudrna

Technology Coordinator Report-Mr. Reimann

Bookkeeper –Mrs. Wolken

• There was a public comment asking about guidelines on spending ESSER funds.

I. Discussion Items included the following:

• Lister-Sage Report-M. Kearns, G. Heiting

• Adjustments have been made to custodial assignments

• Beef-Farm to School Lunch Report-S. Henry/G. Heiting

• Board Retreat (Marcia Herring NASB May 26 from 7:00am-10:00am)

• Policy Review

• Long term Substitute Pay and Job Description

• Summer Maintenance & costs projections

• Bid review send progress

• 2021-22 Class Schedule and teaching assignments

• Finance Committee

• May Payables $65,960.55

• May Payroll $221,987.17

• April Financial Summary

G. Heiting left at 6:59 pm.

Action Items included:

II.Action Items

• Motion to approve the April 12th Regular meeting minutes, as amended, was made by D. Russell and seconded by M. Kearns.  Roll Call Vote Passed 5/0 

• Motion to approve the April ending account summary and May payables in the amount of $65,960.55, and Payroll in the amount of $221,987.17, was made by M. Kearns and seconded by M. Reed.  Roll Call Vote passed 5/0. 

• Motion to approve the resignation of Jen Young, with regrets, was made by S. Henry and seconded by D. Russell.  Roll Call Vote passed 5/0

• Motion to approve the resignation of Ghita Dykes, with regrets, was made by D. Russell and seconded by M. Kearns.  Roll Call Vote passed 5/0.

• Motion to approve the 2021 Senior graduate list as presented was made by S. Henry and seconded by M. Reed.  Roll Call Vote passed 5/0.

• There was no executive session.

III. Next Meeting- June 14th, 2021 @ 6:30 pm in Distance Learning room with Zoom to public

• Lister-Sage reimbursement for custodian

• ADA playground

• Summer maintenance

• Kitchen items

▪ Steam table

▪ Oven

• Summer school

• ESSER funds

IV. President Johnson adjourned the meeting at 7:27 pm.

Published: June 23, 2021