Hay Springs Public School Special SCHOOL BOARD MEETING May 17th, 2021 SPECIAL MEETING Worksheet 7:00 pm Distance Learning Room

Call Special; Meeting to Order at 7:03 pm by President Johnson

Pledge of Allegiance was recited by board.

Open Meetings Law posting was stated by President Johnson

Roll Call was taken with B. Johnson, M. Reed, D. Russell, G. Heiting, M. Kearns, S. Henry present. School Personnel present was Superintendent Lechtenberg.

Motion to approve the Agenda for the May 17th, 2021 Special Board meeting was made by S.  Henry and seconded by M. Reed. Motion passed 6/0 roll call vote.

First item of business was Superintendents Evaluation

Motion to go into executive session was made by S. Henry and Seconded by M. Kearns. Motion passed 6/0 roll call vote.

President Johnson declared the meeting in executive session at 7:05 pm

Vice –President Heiting declared the meeting out of executive session at 8:55 pm.

D. Russell moved to come out of executive session and S. Henry seconded the motion. Motion passed 6/0 roll call vote.

D. Russell moved to have School attorney to prepare a memo for the Superintendent’s file consistent with executive session discussion. Motion passed 5/0 roll call vote, with Johnson abstaining. 

Vice-President Heiting adjourned the meeting at 9:06.

Published: June 23, 2021