C&S Showcattle do well at recent cattle shows

Recently Cierra and Katrena Ryan, representing C & S Showcattle of Hay Springs, participated in cattle shows in Eastern Nebraska. Cierra and Katrena participated in the Nebraska Cattlemen’s Classic on Feb. 23, in Kearney. This was the fifth consecutive year they have shown in the NCC. Upon arrival in Kearney there was 12 inches of snow on the ground and the facility was overly crowded as usual. But being inside the crowded barn was still better than grooming the cattle outside in freezing temperatures and snow as we have done in the past. The NCC is always a great show and this year was no exception. Cierra placed first in her class with her Shorthorn Plus steer named “Cash” and placed third overall in the Shorthorn Plus division. Katrena showed her crossbred steer named “Bolt” and placed fourth in the heavyweight class. Showmanship ran until midnight the night before the steer show so Cierra and Katrena elected not to participate in that.

 The following weekend, Cierra and Katrena traveled to Grand Island to show in the Big Red Beef Show sponsored by UNL. The show was held at the Nebraska State Fair facilities. It was interesting to see the barn only about a quarter full as compared to being completely full during the State Fair. There were two rings and two separate judges for this show so each animal showed twice. Cierra placed fourth in the Shorthorn Plus division in both rings with her steer “Cash.” Katrena also placed fourth in both of her classes with her steer “Bolt.”

 This year is bitter sweet for the Ryans as it is the last year for C & S Showcattle. They bid “farewell” to the cattle shows they have been participating in for over ten years. Cierra and Skyler started their showcattle business several years ago and now Skyler is too old to participate in many of the youth shows as they are generally associated with the 4-H program. This is Cierra’s last year and without her big sisters by her side Katrena doesn’t want to go it alone. We can all agree that many memories have been made along the way and it has been a great family friendly hobby. Skyler, Cierra, and Katrena would like to encourage eligible youth to explore 4-H and discover all the wonderful things it has to offer. The

Ryan family has over 35 years combined experience working with show-cattle and are willing to assist Sheridan County youth who are interested in showing cattle in 4-H.

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