USDA encourages documenting livestock and forage losses caused by high humidity, heat, and drought

Recent extreme humidity and temperatures have resulted in livestock deaths in areas of Nebraska.  These losses of livestock or expected forage may be damaging to operations and may be eligible for future USDA assistance. 

“Livestock owners experiencing death losses due to recent extreme weather are encouraged to document their losses and inventory numbers,” stated Dan Steinkruger, State Director of the Farm Service Agency.  Although past livestock programs are not currently in effect to assist producers with livestock deaths or forage losses, the current farm bill activity appears to support implementation of similar programs when passed. 

Under past Livestock Indemnity Program and Livestock Forage Programs, producers were required to provide verifiable documentation of inventory numbers and death losses.  Examples of some types of documentation include: veterinary records, bank loan records, production records, rendering receipts, tax records or dated photos.  Steinkruger suggests, “Especially when dealing with death losses, it is easier to document the death losses prior to disposal. We need farmers and ranchers to maintain critical records so that if these emergency programs are implemented, we can provide USDA assistance.”

For additional information, contact your local Farm Service Agency Office.

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