Nebraska Farm Bureau reminds farmers, ranchers of sales tax change

The Nebraska Farm Bureau Federation (NFBF) is reminding farmers and ranchers that repair and replacement parts for agricultural machinery and equipment will no longer be subject to Nebraska sales and use taxes, effective Oct. 1. The change in Nebraska state law is the result of the passage of Nebraska Farm Bureau supported legislation during the 2014 session of the Nebraska Unicameral.

“Nebraska Farm Bureau is an advocate for Nebraska’s farm and ranch families and that includes having a daily presence at the State Capitol to represent our members. We are pleased to have worked on behalf of our members to be part of the effort to provide this much needed change in Nebraska tax policy,” said Steve Nelson, Nebraska Farm Bureau president.

Prior to the change, Nebraska was one of only eight states that charged sales tax on repair and replacement parts on agricultural machinery and equipment.

“Nebraska’s previous sales tax policy put Nebraska farmers and ranchers doing business with in-state equipment dealers at a competitive disadvantage with their counterparts in neighboring states. It also created an incentive for Nebraska farmers and ranchers to cross state lines for repair needs,” said Nelson.

The change in state law is estimated to save Nebraska farmers and ranchers between $9 million and $10 million collectively each year. The legislation initiating the tax policy change was introduced by Sen. Annette Dubas of Fullerton. Governor Dave Heineman signed the bill into law in April. 

“We are very appreciative of Sen. Dubas and her colleagues in the legislature who helped to make this change. We thank Gov. Heineman for his support as well,” said Nelson.


  • sarwar
    sarwar Wednesday, 27 January 2016 05:14 Comment Link

    good post.

  • smithdoloop
    smithdoloop Tuesday, 07 October 2014 10:03 Comment Link

    Farmers are all a bunch of complainers. Why do they get a break when those of us who actually work for a living get no breaks. Farmers are all lazy.

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