Programs for Disaster Affected Crops at FSA

(Rushville, Nebraska), May 29, 2015 – The month of May has been a busy one in Sheridan County in regards to weather events that have affected our local agricultural producers.  We have had heavy, wet snow that caused young calves to die, freezing temperatures that may have affected the wheat crop and so much rain now that much of the areas corn producers haven’t been able to plant their 2015 crop of corn and hay producers might not be able to hay their low laying ground.

Sheridan County Executive Director of the Farm Service Agency Sandy Orr would like to remind producers, “The new farm bill made the Livestock Indemnity Program (LIP) a permanent program through 2018.  Anybody who had livestock die as a result of a natural disaster such as the heavy snows around the weekend of May 9th need to report those deaths to the Farm Service Agency (FSA) office no later than 30 days after the death occurred.  Those livestock then could qualify for a payment to reimburse them for their financial losses over and above the normal mortality counts.  Each operation is different and producers should call the office for more information.” 

Likewise with any acres of wheat and corn affected by the freezing temperatures and snow, producers who determine in the next few weeks that their crop has failed and they will be either haying it or destroying it to plant something else, they need to report it to the FSA office as a failed crop prior to destroying it.  Any acres of ground that won’t be planted to corn because of the heavy rains also need to be reported to the FSA office right away.   “We must have the proper paperwork completed in the office to keep producers eligible for both the disaster related programs through FSA as well as for their federal crop insurance benefits.  If you can’t stop in the office then just call us and we will send you the forms to sign and return, said Orr.”

With all of the rain received in the county some producers may not be able to get into all of their hay ground.  If those producers purchased the 2015 Noninsurable Crop Disaster Assistance Program (NAP) policy on their hay, then they also will need to file a Notice of Loss with FSA.  According to Mrs. Orr, “A Notice of Loss form FSA-576 needs to be completed now and then if those acres won’t be hayed because of the excessive moisture or there is a loss in production the producers may qualify for reimbursement for that loss through their NAP policy”.

More information can be obtained on the LIP and NAP programs, as well as disaster affected crop acres by calling the local office at (308) 327-2489 or at:   


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