Flick Receives Honorable Service Award

The Nebraska State Patrol has bestowed its Honorable Service Award on two troopers injured in the line of duty.

Trooper Timothy Flick #382, Troop E- Scottsbluff and Trooper Brian Detlefsen #478, Troop B- Norfolk were presented their awards by Nebraska State Patrol Superintendent Colonel David Sankey. The awards were presented in each individual troop area during recently held winter troop meetings.

Trooper Flick was honored for his actions during the June 12, 2012 armed robbery and standoff at the Thiele Pharmacy in Alliance. Trooper Flick was wounded in the torso and arm by gunfire from the robbery suspect.

Trooper Detlefsen was honored for his actions during a December 18, 2012 incident involving an individual using a tractor to destroy property in rural Antelope County. Trooper Detlefsen’s patrol vehicle was rammed by the tractor at a high rate of speed, causing the air bag to deploy.  Trooper Detlefsen suffered a laceration to his head requiring medical treatment.

“Each of these situations was very different,” said Colonel David Sankey, Superintendent of the Nebraska State Patrol. “Yet the response from both of these officers demonstrated their bravery, courage and self-sacrifice in the face of danger and in the protection of others.”

The Nebraska State Patrol’s Honorable Service Award was established to bestow recognition to commissioned officers who, while in the performance of their duties, are injured or killed while encountering deadly force or bodily harm.

Pictured left to right:  Colonel David Sankey, Superintendent Nebraska State Patrol, Trooper Tim Flick.

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