NRPPD puts rebuilt transformer back into service

NRPPD crews were kept busy last Wednesday reinstalling the main step-down transformer at the Gordon substation west of town. The transformer had been sent off to be re-wound after elevated gas levels were discovered in it during a routine maintenance check. It was determined that the transformer could be saved by re-winding it, which saved NRPPD a significant chunk of money compared to replacing it with a brand new one.

After moving the transformer back to its old home in the substation Wednesday morning with the help of a skilled crane operator, the crew went to work hooking the transformer back up. It was then re-energized without the load on it to allow it to “cook” for 24 hours, ensuring that there were no issues with it. After the 24 hour trial period, the full load was placed back on the transformer and it has been performing well since.

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