Wheel of Fortune winner has local ties

By Troy Weston

Matt Keller of Hermosa Beach, Calif., was a contestant on the Wheel of Fortune April 24, 2013. Matt’s parents are Judith (Trueblood) and Dan Keller, of Lincoln, Neb. Judith and Dan are native Gordonites and graduates of Gordon High School.  

The Lincoln native was also a contestant 10 years ago on the Price is Right game show. Matt successfully claimed his winnings in four rounds of the Wheel of Fortune. 

The first round of the game and two letters later Matt was able to successfully claim $17,570.00 cash and the beaches resort of the players choice. 

After the second and third round Matt was still at $17,570.00. The fourth and final round of Fun and Games was to be determined between two contestants, one of which was the Lincoln native who was trailing the leader by $1,310. Matt successfully chose the letter to bring his winnings to $24,470.00 cash and beaches in the fourth round and take the lead. 

Matt’s parents and two sisters Gina and Erin, were in New Orleans to share in the last $100,00.00 round, when Matt carefully selected the envelope containing the letter W, and went on the pick four lucky letters that, according to Wheel of Fortune, were Tough to Know. Matt won the round and claimed a vehicle and cash winnings totaling $58,720.00.  

Matt’s grandmother, Virginia Trueblood of Gordon, and many other local people also watched the Wheel of Fortune and were able to share in the excitement and celebration with Matt and his family. 

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