Cowboy Trail West making progress

Cowboy Trail West, Inc. continues to make strides toward a completed trail in Sheridan County. On May 5, nearly 50 Sheridan County residents met in Rushville and Gordon to begin the clean up of the Cowboy Trail between Gordon and Rushville. Volunteers worked from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. and took over 10 truck loads off of two 2 mile sections. 

A special thank you goes to the city of Rushville, Sheridan County and SWANN who helped us with disposal, and to all of the volunteers who worked so hard! There was much more debris than we anticipated. The original reclamation company was careless in their clean up. To top it off, last summer, a private hay contractor threw all loose pieces of rail road ties back onto the trail instead of cleaning up the area before mowing. 

According to Cowboy Trail West, Inc., this is just another of ongoing steps to see the project to the end. When completed, the Cowboy Trail will be the longest rails to trails conversion project in the nation. Currently, the longest, the Cady Trail, in MO, hosts 300,000 visitors annually.

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