“Taylor Gang” holds family bike ride

What started out as a hobby of tinkering with bikes, led people to drop off unwanted bikes at Jim Taylor’s garage door.

When daughter Terri was visiting from Colorado and stumbled across the many bikes in the garage it inspired her to plan a family bike ride on the 4th of July weekend which, coincided with Jim and BeaAnne’s 57th Wedding Anniversary.

The day began with the family donning “Taylor Gang” t-shirts and everyone choosing the bike that they wanted to ride. Then Grandpa adjusted each seat and checked tires and brakes. Although he began father’s day weekend getting the bikes in tip top shape after he received the phone call from Terri telling him of the upcoming 1st annual “Taylor Gang” bike ride. BeaAnne stated “that in his spare time he worked until the wee hours of the morning anxiously getting the bikes ready for the big ride. He was still working on the bikes up until the scheduled start of the ride at 2:00 p.m. But as most people know, Jim is always late because of his perfectionism.”

After a short bike ride with all 51 family members (eight children and spouses, 21 grandchildren and spouses and 13 great grandchildren, with seven grandchildren unable to attend and special angel Tyler Chappell watching over all on a very special and memorable day) a 6-mile bike ride was completed by the adults along with a few of the younger ones to finish out the bike ride. The family then went on to Chadron State Park for camping, boating and fishing.

 Those attending were Tony, Jen and Trinity Taylor of Gordon, Olivia, Elisha, Taeva Taylor and Jody Friesen of Lincoln, Neb., Tim Taylor and Susan Sloan of Vista, Calif., Travis and Terri Chappell of Firestone, Colo., Trent, Cassie, Tayden, Tavery, and Taige Chappell of Milliken, Colo., Trevor, Jessica, Tenley and Tenisyn Chappell of Greeley, Colo., Pierce, Tierney, Tylie and Trigg Petersen of Gordon,  Anthony, Tessa, Traysen and Taisley Rosane of Grant, Neb., Jon, Traci, Teighlor, Tatum and Teagan Westemeier of Chadron, Neb., Troy, Angel and Thai Taylor  Gordon, Tanita Taylor of York, Neb., Tristan, Tysen and Tripp Taylor of Papillion, Neb., Keith, Tiffany, Trace, Tate and Taggart Marco of Papillion, Neb., and Brad, Tricia, Taryn, Trey and Jake of Harrison, Neb.

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