Sheridan County 4-H public speaking contest

The Sheridan County 4-H Public Speaking Contest was held Sunday, April 1 at the Gordon City Auditorium. There were a wide variety of topics from animals to rockets to shooting sports and poetry. This year, sixteen youth participated, delivering speeches, presentations and Public Service Announcements (PSAs).

Four competed in the Senior Division: Sierra Bixby - speech, purple; Kate Orr - speech, blue; Robin Ferguson - speech, purple; and Melissa Jech - speech, purple. Sierra, Robin and Melissa qualified to compete at the District 4-H Public Speaking Contest.

Two competed in the Intermediate Division: Sierra Britt - presentation, blue; and Chance Hebbert - PSA, purple. Chance qualified with his PSA to compete at Districts.

Ten competed in the Junior Division: Darin Archibald - multi-media presentation, purple; India Rittgarn - PSA, purple; Quin Child - PSA, purple; Calvin Landreth - presentation, purple; Mary Britt - presentation, purple; Clark Orr - speech, purple; Kenna Rose - speech, purple; Aspen Rittgarn - presentation, purple; Berklie Haag - PSA, purple; and Beau Child - PSA, purple. Quin, Berklie and Beau qualified to compete at the District contest with their PSAs. Clark and Kenna qualified with their speeches. 4-H presentations do not have a District qualifying contest. Contestants with purple ribbon presentations that are 10 years old qualify to compete at the State Contest during State Fair. Those who qualified are Darin and Mary.

Congratulations to all the participants!

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