Proceedings of the County Commissioners - August 12, 2013

Present were Chairman Dan Kling, Commissioners Jack Andersen and James Krotz, County Clerk Sindy Coburn and Sheriff Terry Robbins. 

A request from the Kimball County Tourism Board for financial support through the 2013-14 budget was received, discussed and referred to the Sheridan County Tourism Board for their consideration and recommendation.

Butch Stanko appeared before the Board to complain that the budget for the County Attorney is, in his opinion, too high.  Mr. Stanko complained that the Deputy County Attorney prosecutes most cases for the County including an action taken against him.  He offered an unfavorable comparison between County Attorney budgets for Grant and Sheridan Counties.   

Mr. Stanko also complained that the County Assessor has not provided him with certain documents he requested.  The Commissioners informed Mr. Stanko that if he submits his request to the Assessor in writing the documents will be made available within 10 days.  He will be required to pay any copy costs.  Mr. Stanko further complained that the Assessor was not able to explain to him the process by which agricultural land values were set for the coming year.  He repeatedly offered a wager of $1000 that the Assessor could not explain the process in such a way as to make him understand.  No one present was willing to accept the wager.

Ron Fisher also appeared to complain about the Assessor not producing requested documents in a timely manner and to renew his complaint about the valuation process for rural residential properties. Mr. Fisher recommend a budget increase for the office of the Assessors office so that a licensed appraiser might be hired to conduct the mass appraisal of residential and commercial properties.

Road Superintendent Tom Kuester presented a request from Rolling Meadow Farms for an approach to the county right of way – for agricultural purposes - on 450 Road west of Hwy. 87.  The request was approved.

Kuester presented to the Board a check from Region 23 Emergency Management/Nebraska Emergency Management for $23,427 reimbursing the county for firefighting expenses incurred by Road Department during the Wellnitz Fire of 2012.

At 10:00 the Board convened a public hearing, as advertised, on the closure of certain alleyways in the village of Bingham.   There being no testimony in opposition to the proposal the Board approved the vacation and abandonment of the alleys with ownership reverting to the adjacent property owners.

Trish Loosvelt reported that Cowboy Trail West Inc. does not yet have a proposed purchase agreement for the old railroad right of way between Gordon and Hay Springs.   Kris Ferguson and Dan Kling plan to discuss the project with the Board of Nebraska Game and Parks when they meet in Valentine on August 29. 

Meeting as the Board of Equalization, the Commissioners approved adjustments to overvalued properties (small storage sheds) owned by Lewis McKenney of Hay Springs and Phyllis Kearns of Rushville.

The Board of Commissioners will meet next on Monday, August 19, 2013, at 9:00 a.m.   All meetings are open to the public and visitors are welcome. 

Submitted by James Krotz

The minutes of this and all meetings of the Board of Commissioners are available to the public at the office of the Sheridan County Clerk. All meetings of the Board of Commissioners are held in compliance with Nebraska Open Meetings Law.

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