End in sight for Walgren Lake

By Jordan Huether

The chains may soon be removed from the entrances to Walgren Lake as the community of Hay Springs nears an agreement with the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission over the winter care of the area. 

“We’ve traded contracts and they were happy with our changes,” said Mike Hunzeker. “This time though, they sent another sheet of paper that anybody doing work is going to have to sign. So the group will meet once more to discuss the issue to review and okay the final revisions. We’re hoping we’re at the end of it.”

When the Hay Springs committee began talks with Nebraska Game and Parks about re-opening the lake, the committee was sent a contract they would need to sign.

“They had asked that we maintain the restrooms that were out there, and in discussions with the state, they said they had really intended to remove the restrooms except for the more modern restrooms by the shelter and boat dock,” stated Hunzeker. “So we just asked that they change it so that was the one we needed to maintain, because the other ones are in pretty bad shape; and they agreed to that.”

They also added a paragraph asking that the people participating in the volunteer effort, while they are performing volunteer duties, are not required to have a park sticker. The game and parks agreed to that as long as whoever is doing the work has documentation with them.

Game and parks had originally asked Hay Springs to provide trash cans, which haven’t been provided by the game and parks in recent years, so it was modified to say the community would, “keep the area free of litter.”

The committee planned to meet Tuesday night, Oct. 15, to review the final contract, and if approved, send it back to the Nebraska Game and Parks. If the game and parks approve the final contract, Walgren Lake will soon be re-opened to the public.

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  • Duane Ashmore
    Duane Ashmore Tuesday, 15 October 2013 17:19 Comment Link

    I feel that the NGP hasn't kept it up for the last few years. Now it is bad condition and now they what the comunity to take over after they have let it run down. What about the money earmarked for state lakes? So are they going to ask Alliance and Hemmingford to keep up Box Butte Reservior next? Duane Ashmore

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