Hay Springs Volunteer Fire Department holds Open House in new building

The Hay Springs Volunteer Fire Department (HSVFD) had an Open House and Hose Cutting Ceremony Sunday, June 3, providing a free lunch from 11-1:00 to show appreciation and to allow an opportunity for all who have so graciously donated to see the end results of their hard earned donations. The HSVFD served approximately 300 people. In a personal interview with the Hay Springs Volunteer Fire department, Fire chief Ryan Turman said “Our goal was to not use local tax dollars to construct the new Fire Hall, and no tax money was used or received to build it.” Instead, the HSVFD utilized fundraisers. Turman also said “The dream of a new fire station began in December of 2009, and the actual construction of the fire station didn’t begin until September of 2011.” The HSVFD managed to raise about $400,000.00 in just two and a half years, and the fire station is completely paid for. Located right along Highway 20 in Hay Springs stands a beautiful new steel and brick block structure, which is 60 feet by 128 feet, and has 6 bays. Turman concluded by saying “I would really like to thank everyone for their generous donations and support.” The original part of the old Fire Station was approximately 100 years old, and has had 3 different additions in the last 50 years. Due to the age, size and style of their old facility they could not upgrade some of the equipment due to a lack of required door height and width of the newer equipment. The Hay Springs Volunteer Fire Department consists of 22 volunteer members and provides Fire and Ambulance services to parts of two counties (Sheridan and Dawes) and the city of Hay Springs, approximately 658 square miles, 18 townships, 427,000 acres. The HSVFD fire district serves a total estimated population of 2,100 – including the city of Hay Springs. HSVFD is a member of the Pine Ridge Mutual Aid Organization - which includes the communities of Crawford, Chadron, Rushville, Cody, Merriman, Hemingford, Alliance and Ardmore, South Dakota as well as assists in fire suppression of Pine Ridge Lakota Sioux Reservation.

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