New, used and barely abused

By Janet Skinner

For more than twenty years Terry and Pam Eaton have been a part of the antiques business. Attending shows all over the country, they have accumulated quite a collection for their store, Eaton’s Country Corner, now open in downtown Gordon at 135 North Main from 10:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. 

It took several semi loads to transport their inventory from their years of collecting, and this isn’t their first shop. The Eatons have owned businesses in Montana and Phoenix. They have a large, diverse selection of high quality merchandise, a little something for everyone who walks through their doors. The Eatons really enjoy interacting with all the different people who come into their business, and with the building so full of history, they get a new story about it each time a customer comes in, making it the perfect place for an antique shop. 

Just like the antiques Eatons sell, which are researched, cleaned and repaired, the building had a lot of work to be done to it. The floor alone took two years to complete. They weren’t expecting a thick layer of tar underneath the carpet, which they scraped off by hand. The potential was there and the Eatons could envision it, and they now have the most beautiful wood floors. Soon they will be working on the other side of the building so more of their merchandise can be displayed, along with new windows to help secure the future of the building. They have also saved the old soda fountain that many of us have enjoyed sitting at. “Things just kind of fell into place like it was meant to be,” stated Terry when discussing the building and work they have put into it. They are trying to have the building in full use within a year. 

Stop in and you will be amazed at the beautiful collection of crystal, china, lamps, jugs, cowboy items plus many more pieces that are new, used and barley abused, as Terry likes to put it.

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