Sheridan County Commissioners - November 18, 2013

Present were Chairman Dan Kling, Commissioners Jack Andersen and James Krotz and County Clerk Sindy Coburn. 

Member of the County Safety Committee and the various Elected Officials and Department Superintendents joined the Commissioners for a discussion of Courthouse security procedures, equipment and training.

Barb VanKerrebrook, coordinator for the Generations in Volunteer Effort (GIVE), told the Commissioners of a possible vacancy in the part-time office position and asked for direction about advertising the opening.

Greg Nielsen, Ruth Nielsen and Steve Schmidt appeared before the Board to request work on a section of 130th Trail southeast of Gordon.  Road Superintendent Kuester explained that the low average daily traffic count on this and other roads like it made costly rebuilding projects impractical but agreed to a limited repair plan. 

Clayton Tallon appeared before the Board to request that the County change the basis of payment for gravel from per-cubic-yard to per-ton.  Road Superintendent Kuester informed the Board that most counties in the area pay for gravel on a per-ton basis.  The Commissioners agreed to study the proposal and to revisit the issue at their November 25th meeting.

Sheriff Robbins presented to the Board a notice from TRITECH Software Systems announcing that as of Oct. 31, 2014 the company will no longer provide support services for the County’s now obsolete E-911 equipment and software.  The cost of updating the system will exceed $100,000.  Funding the update should not pose a serious problem but there are concerns about securing bids for the project.  Most companies of this sort do not want to deal with such small systems.  The Board agreed that we should begin immediately to scout for other providers who may be interested in bidding the project.

County Clerk Coburn presented to the Board an invitation from the Lakota Hope Center to attend a Gathering at Whiteclay Event scheduled for the next day – Nov. 19.  

The Commissioners continued their discussion of salaries for elected county officials.  The Board must approve a resolution setting those salaries for the next four-year term by the end of this year.  There is considerable uncertainty about how to word the resolution given the requirements of the new affordable healthcare act (ACA).  The Commissioners will continue their review of the study produced by the Nebraska Association of County Officials and re-visit the issue at future meetings.

The Board approved an amendment to the Section 125 employee benefit plan (to comply with the ACA) that will permit county employee participants to prospectively revoke or change his/her election for accident and health coverage offered as a benefit one time during the plan year.

Commissioner Andersen presented a report on draft language for possible legislation related to county zoning authority.  The legislation, if approved by the unicameral, could leave the door open for urban counties to press their agenda with the legislature to establish agricultural zoning restrictions that are unsuited to the needs of livestock friendly counties such as ours.  The commissioners asked Andersen to express their opposition to the draft language.

Submitted by James Krotz

The minutes of this and all meetings of the Board of Commissioners are available to the public at the office of the Sheridan County Clerk. All meetings of the Board of Commissioners are held in compliance with Nebraska Open Meetings Law.

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