Sheridan County students do very well at Chadron Scholastic Contest

Eighteen Hay Springs High School students attended the 54th annual Chadron State College Scholastic Day Contest on Friday, April 4. There were over 1400 students from 46 schools and 3 states who competed in 44 tests. Hay Springs placed first in their division with the following students placing in the top twenty-five percent of all students taking the test.

Kate Roberts finished first in Psychology, 2nd in Health, and 12th in English Usage.

Jennifer Scherbarth placed first in Health and 3rd in Psychology.

Garrett Weyers finished 7th in General Science and 19th in Algebra 1.

Cydney Jancik took 10th in Accounting.

Jordan Houser placed 12th in Earth Science and 13th in Physical Education Sports Knowledge.

The Mustangs placed 6th in their division with 7.51 points.

Advanced Mathematics - Elspeth Moon placed 13th, and Sara Ginkens placed 16th.

American History - Devin Dykes placed 4th, and Mace Bixby finished 12th.

Flash Fiction - Michael Barth placed 1st.

Human Development and Family Life - Sheridan (Dani) Wellnitz placed 3rd.

Veterinary Sciences - Charmayne Strong placed 1st, and Robin Ferguson took 5th.

Agronomy and Rangeland Management - Melissa Jech placed 6th.

Literature - Jackie Bruns placed 7th, and Elspeth Moon finished 14th.

Music - Jessica Hurd placed 1st.

Nutrition and Family Health - Sophia Wroblewski placed 1st, and Shaley Coburn took 5th.

World History - Logan Gilchrist placed 3rd.

Business Law - Sam Piper placed 6th.

Equine Management - Robin Ferguson placed 1st, and Jessica Bragg finished 9th.

Nebraska History - Mace Bixby placed 4th.

Personal Finance - Rebecca Wellnitz placed 12th.

Physical Education Sports Knowledge - Brad Frandsen placed 13th.

Wildlife Ecology and Management - Brandon Bailey placed 6th.

Algebra 1 - Sophia Wroblewski placed 19th.

Eagle Cook-Off - Denie Jacobson placed 1st.

Vocabulary - Garrett Shadbolt placed 5th.

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