Daringer sentenced to six months jail for animal neglect

After being charged with three separate counts of animal neglect for improper care of horses last October, Arthur (Tony) Daringer has been ordered to pay $9,854.78 to Sheridan County for reimbursement for care of the animals, and sentenced to serve six months at the Sheridan County Jail on three counts, served concurrently. Daringer is also prohibited from possession of any livestock for a period of five years.

Daringer was charged with three separate counts of animal neglect following the execution of a warrant Thursday, October 17, 2013. The charges included two class 4 felonies and a class 1 misdemeanor. According to Deputy Sheridan County Attorney, Jamian Simmons, three horses were seized from Daringer pursuant to the warrant for issues of neglect, improper food, water and other care.

A second warrant was executed the following week in which four additional horses were taken. The charges were then expanded to include two felony charges and five misdemeanor charges after the results of the second warranted search were taken into account by Deputy Sheridan County Attorney Jamian Simmons.

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