Rushville City Council discusses tax increase

By Janet Skinner

The Rushville City Council met Monday night to discuss an increase in the city sales tax by one-half percent. The resolution came from the Parkview Lodge  Assisted Living board, to put in front of the people of Rushville, to vote on in the November election. The money would go to Parkview Lodge to help maintain and keep the facility open. At the moment, the facility has 10 residents, but needs 15 to break even.

The language in the resolution proposed by the board only stated that the money brought in would go to the facility. The sales tax would bring in $40,000 to $50,000 a year.  The council discussed the factors involved, with concerns that if something would happen to the building, e.g. a tornado destroys the building or the facility can not financially make it, then where would the money go. The council agreed to add the language that it would not be limited to Parkview Lodge, in case something would happen to the facility. 

The question to be posed on the ballet will be: Shall the City Council of the City of Rushville impose an additional sales and use tax in the amount of one-half percent upon the same transactions within the City on which the State of Nebraska is authorized to impose a tax, pursuant to the Nebraska Local Option Revenue Act for all lawful municipal purposes; which purposes shall include but not be limited to the continued maintenance and financial support for the operation of the Parkview Lodge Assisted Living Center, 307 Conrad Street, Rushville, Nebraska 69360, which one-half percent City Sales and Use Tax shall automatically terminate April 1, 2019, unless the tax is extended by a vote of the electorate prior to that date?” 

The council also agreed the sales tax would not be perpetual but limited to four years. The proposed resolution needs to be submitted by September 2, in order to be voted on by the people of Rushville in November.

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