Department of Agriculture puts Gordon restaurant on probation

On August 27, 2014 an administrative hearing occurred  in the matter of the Food Establishment Permit of the Hacienda Motel Restaurant located in Gordon, Neb. The matter of the hearing was to determine whether the Food Establishment Permit of the Hacienda should be suspended, the permitholder be placed on probation, or both, for violations of the Nebraska Pure Food Act. According to the order by the Department of Agriculture, neither permit holder of the Hacienda was present to represent the establishment in this matter. 

After taking everything into consideration, Department of Agriculture Director Greg Ibach stated that the food establishment permit of Hacienda is deemed to be on a probationary status for one year from Sept. 3, 2014. The terms of the probation are that Hacienda shall:

a. Require management and key personnel, including cooks, to complete a ServSafe Course or other Department-approved course, no later than November 1, 2014, unless otherwise approved by the Department. Hacienda shall provide verification to the Department when such training has been completed, and provide the names of managers and key personnel who completed the training;

b. Unless otherwise approved by the Department, immediately require all employees of Hacienda who handle food attend and successfully complete a Department-approved food handler training program, such as WaitSafe. Hacienda shall: (i) provide verification to the Department when such training has been completed; and (ii) provide the names of each food handler who completed the training;

c. At all times, provide a ServSafe trained person in charge on duty at Hacienda;

d. Have no more than three (3) critical violations nor more than eight (8) noncritical violations on any one inspection during the probationary period;

e. Immediately clean all residue and food debris from the slicer, and maintain such slicer in a sanitary manner in accordance with section 4-601.11 of the Food Code;

f. Immediately position the spray hose above the flood rim of the dishwashing sink in accordance with section 5-20213 of the Food Code; and

g. Immediately implement, post, and follow a cleaning schedule. The cleaning schedule shall show: (i) area(s) and equipment to be cleaned; (ii) at what frequency such area(s) and equipment shall be cleaned; (iii) which employee is responsible for each area(s) or equipment to be cleaned, including their initials when completed; and (iv) the time each area or equipment was cleaned. The cleaning schedule shall be posted and available for review by the sanitarian upon each inspection.

2. Failure to comply with any of the above provisions shall be considered a violation of the terms of this Order. Upon such violation, further proceedings may be instituted to suspend or revoke the Food Establishment Permit of Hacienda.

According to Christin Kamm, Nebraska Department of Agriculture Public Information Officer, the order does not close the restaurant, so they are allowed to be open while the terms of the probation are being fulfilled.

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