Possible Scam Targets Sheridan County Homeowners

Sheridan County Assessor Amanda Lane has reported to the Sheridan County Sheriff's Department and the Sheridan County Attorney’s Office a misleading solicitation directed to Sheridan County homeowners. 

It has been brought to the attention of the County Assessor that some elderly residents in Gordon, Nebraska have been targeted with a mailing marked “RECORDED DEED NOTICE,” which is being delivered by a business identified as Record Transfer Services. This notice states that upon payment of $83.00, Record Transfer Services will deliver a copy of the homeowner’s “Grant Deed” and “Property Assessment Profile” to  “provide evidence” that certain property “was in fact transferred and or has interest to” the named homeowner. 

The Sheridan County Assessor, County Sheriff and County Attorney encourage all homeowners to beware of these types of mailings. Sheridan County is not, in any way, affiliated with Record Transfer Services.  The information being solicited is public information available for free, subject only to photocopy costs, at the Sheridan County Clerk’s Office and Sheridan County Assessor’s Office.  Homeowners can contact the office of the Sheridan County Clerk to request copies of deeds. Information related to a homeowner’s real estate, including tax and assessment, tax delinquency, subject property comparable values, etc. may be found at the Sheridan County Assessor’s office or may be accessed online at sheridancountynebraska.com, by searching the Sheridan County, Nebraska GIS Workshop. 

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