Brown escapes custody for second time

According to the Sheridan County Sheriff's Department, Michael Brown has escaped from the Sheridan County Jail in Rushville. Brown was arrested Thursday, January 22, after breaking out of a Gordon Police Department cruiser January 21. Brown is alleged to be involved in an attempted entry at Petersen Seed, breaking into three vehicles at Farmer’s Coop, break-ins at the Sheridan Lounge and the American Legion, as well as car thefts. He is described as a white male, 5'9" tall, 145 lbs., wearing a grey sweatshirt with a hood. People are encouraged to secure all property and remove keys from vehicles. If you spot anything suspicious, please call 911 immediately.

Last modified onTuesday, 10 February 2015 16:42

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  • Dee Vinton
    Dee Vinton Wednesday, 11 February 2015 11:16 Comment Link

    This isn't the second time this ...person has escaped. EVERY time he had been in custody since he was 14 he has escaped custody and ran! And for it to be said that he isn't dangerous??? Just because he aged out of Juvie and has that record sealed now, doesn't make him any less of a habitual criminal. What makes anyone think he isn't going to take this to the next level????
    I am so literally dumbfounded by this whole mess... HOW... WHY is he allowed out of anything less than leg irons and chains??? Tazer that little punk's ass.
    Those Mayberry episodes with Otis and the cell key hanging on the wall and Barney fumbling with his bullet in his pocket aren't so funny anymore!

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