Brown Escapes from Sheridan County Jail - Apprehended Tuesday Morning

By Mark Gaschler

During the early morning hours of Tuesday, Feb. 10, Michael Brown escaped from the Sheridan County jail in Rushville. He would remain free for one week before being apprehended by law enforcement officials the morning of Tuesday, Feb. 17.

County Attorney Jamian Simmons said that on the evening of Feb. 9, Brown was allowed out of his cell to make a phone call. At some point during this process, he was able to insert toothpaste and pieces of paper into the lock of his cell door, which prevented it from locking shut.

Some time after 1:30 a.m. on Feb. 10, while the jailor was preoccupied with one of the other inmates, Brown left his cell and escaped through an unsecured outer jail door. He stole some clothes used by the work-release inmates, and left the sheriff’s office.

According to Simmons, the Gordon Police Department and Sheridan County Sheriff’s Department were tipped off to Brown’s whereabouts, and apprehended him around 1 a.m. Tuesday, Feb. 17, almost exactly one week after his escape.

Brown had previously escaped police custody on Jan. 21, leading to a one-day manhunt in Gordon before he was recaptured. He is alleged to have been involved with several recent break-ins in Gordon. He has been charged with two cases of escape, criminal mischief, and multiple pending counts of burglary.

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