Horses removed, cleanup in process

By Ang Gilchrist
The property east of Gordon  (S 1/2 Sec 30-33-41) that came under recent scrutiny concerning animal neglect and environmental hazards has begun the cleanup process.  According to Tony Darringer’s son, Hudd, all but two of the horses(studs) have been relocated to an undisclosed location. Darringer assured that the animals are being housed in a safer and cleaner environment, and that the care of the animals is a top priority. The cleanup of the property near Gordon has included removing machinery from the county right-of-way by the county, and spreading manure piles to make them more manageable. It is unclear if the larger piles of animal remains and manure will be hauled out or just left on site to naturally decompose.
A local contractor has been hired to continue the cleanup, but they are waiting on the proper permits to be in place.
A private conversation was held between a county commissioner and Tony Darringer, and the commissioner stated that if Darringer is not living up to what he has agreed to do, further action would be taken at that time, including possible charges of public nuisance to gain access to the property for cleanup.
If the county is forced to step in and do the cleanup, the cost would be billed to current landowner, Vern Sager.

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