VA to host Veteran Town Hall to address Gordon CBOC changes/gather public input

VA Black Hills Health Care System will host a Veteran Town Hall Meeting at 5:30 p.m. on Thursday, September 24, 2015, at the Gordon American Legion Post 34, 404 South Elm Street, Gordon, NE.   

Veterans, family members, survivors, and the public are invited to provide feedback on VA operations and recommendations for VA programs. The meeting will provide an open forum for VA officials to hear directly from beneficiaries as a step toward system-wide improvement and to rebuild trust among Veterans. Veterans and family members are invited to ask any question and provide feedback on all VA programs and services including the Veterans Choice Program.

The Town Hall meeting is also intended to provide information and answer questions or concerns regarding upcoming changes to the Gordon Community Based Outpatient Clinic (CBOC).

Some veterans have already expressed concern over the upcoming changes, worrying they will no longer be able to use their current primary care provider. 

In a statement from Interim Gordon Memorial Hospital CEO Julie Schnell, she states, “The VA CBOC (Community Based Outreach Clinic) contract between the VA and GMHS was not terminated, it expires September 20, 2015. While GMHS did not submit a response to the VA Request for Proposals for a new CBOC contract, we are working with the VA to continue to deliver healthcare services for the Veterans in our community. 

Today’s healthcare industry is extremely challenging for all players—patients, providers, employees and payers. GMHS is committed to ensuring quality healthcare services are available to all patients, and to delivering those services in the most efficient manner. No one is more deserving than our veterans—and while the delivery path to services may change, our commitment will not.”

Schnell cited several reasons for not renewing the contract, including difficulty in meeting federal contract requirements, operational efficiency, and a lack of resources to respond to RFP. She noted that there are 154 veterans assigned to their CBOC, but isn’t sure how many actually use their services.

Teresa Forbes, Public Affairs Officer of VA Black Hills Health Care System, added that the VA would work with GMH to maintain the quality of healthcare, and that the VA was looking at holding a weekly clinic in Gordon.

If you or a family member is a veteran using VA services, you are encouraged to attend the September 24 meeting to learn more and voice your concerns.

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