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Wade Ginkens Memorial 4K draws large crowd

The Wade Ginkens Memorial 4K was held Wednesday, July 4.  A large crowd of 97 participants began registration around 7:30 a.m.  After listening to a few instructions on safety, the group recited the pledge of allegance.  In memory of Wade, the crowd was asked to put a smile on their face the rest of the day.  The bang of a firecracker started the race.  Bikers went out first, followed by runners, and then walkers.  There were no wheelchair participants, but there were a few strollers.
Bike Event
Male: Preschool, NA; Elementary, Cardin Packett- 1st, Rylan Packett- 2nd; Middle School, Jarod Nelson-1st, Trace Beguin-2nd; High School, Caleb Short-1st; Young Adult, NA; Adult, John Saxton-1st, Kirk Beguin-2nd; Senior, Tim McGinley-1st. Female: Preschool, NA; Elementary, Haley Johnson-1st; Middle School, NA; High School, Denie Jacobson-1st, Tessa Hardin-2nd; Young Adult, Annie Shadbolt-1st; Adult, Lisa Saxton-1st, Heidi Beguin-2nd; Senior, Ellen Yousten-1st, Arlana McGinley-2nd.
Running Event
Male: Preschool, N/A; Elementary, Hayden Lasley-1st; Middle School, Juan Sanchez-1st; High School, Thomas Sandoz-1st, Thomas Elliot-2nd; Young Adult, NA; Adult, Roman Reina-1st, Todd Sager-2nd; Senior, Rick Yousten-1st. Female: Preschool, Addison Weis-1st; Elementary, NA; Middle School, NA; High School, Kate Orr-1st, Miranda Peterson-2nd; Young Adult, NA; Adult, Robin Johnson-1st, Mandy Packett-2nd; Senior, Razela Tesch-1st.
Overall winners: Denie Jacobson-Bike, Roman Reina-Runner.
Other medal winners: Olivia Slama-youngest participant; Lasley Family-traveler award, traveled from Bowling Green, Kentucky.

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