Pisacka celebrates her 106 birthday

Pisacka celebrates her 106 birthday

By Lauren O’Brien

Leona Pisacka celebrated her 106 birthday on Saturday, November 26 at Pioneer Manor in Hay Springs.

Pisacka celebrated her birthday in the presence of over 80 friends and family. She was born in 1910 to William and Elizabeth Peters and was the ninth child out of ten.

With her years of wisdom, Pisacka’s words of advice were to, “behave yourself and don’t smoke.” She experienced many evolutions in society and witnessed two world wars, the Cold, Korean, Vietnam, and Iraq wars. 

One of her fondest memories was shaking hands with President Calvin Coolidge and his wife Grace in Hay Springs. Coolidge was at the train station and greeted the local people.

Since taking residence at Pioneer Manor Nursing Home, Pisacka spends her time doing word puzzles, watching television, playing bingo, and attending mass and music programs.

Pisacka has witnessed monumental events in history, but none topped meeting the President of the United States. As she turns another year older, she is surrounded by friends and family who enjoy her presence in their lives.

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