Copy Shoppe celebrates ten years of business

Copy Shoppe celebrates ten years of business

By Lauren O’Brien

A decade has passed since Jama Bolek opened up the Copy Shoppe in Rushville. To help her celebrate, the Rushville Chamber planned to surprise her on Tuesday, December 6 at 11:30 a.m.

Once the chamber members arrived, they stood in the lobby waiting for Bolek to come out of her office. Bolek was surprised to see everyone. “I don’t think I’ve ever had this many people in here all at one time,” she said. Char Pudelko congratulated Bolek on her ten year business anniversary and the chamber gave her a Christmas cactus.

Bolek shared a story about the late Lyle Barth when she first opened. He made and sold tops at the Copy Shoppe for ten years, despite his prediction the business wouldn’t last. “When he first came in here the first day [he] said ‘you aren’t going to be here six months’,” said Bolek. After six months, Barth said the Copy Shoppe wouldn’t be there for a year. Once that milestone was met, he said, “Bet you don’t make it five.” Ten years arrived and Jama was tickled when she could tell him, “Lyle, I made it 10 years.” Barth replied, “well hell I never thought you’d make it this long.”

Throughout her ten years, Bolek said, “It has been difficult wearing so many hats, from Office Manager, Janitor, Graphic Design, Supply Sales, Promotional Sales, Delivery Person, Bookkeeper, Customer Service, etc.” With all her responsibilities, Bolek felt like “sometimes there is not enough of me to go around” as she works extra days and hours to meet multiple deadlines. “Being a business owner is not as glamorous as one would hope, filled with countless tropical vacations,” said Bolek. “It is a lot of hard work, dedication and you are always the last to get paid.”

Still, she enjoys the creative aspect of her work. “It is rewarding to see a project come together and have the customer be very pleased with what you did for them.”

The Copy Shoppe offers many services to the Rushville community as Bolek hopes to keep “making it” for Barth.

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