Grand Jury finds no criminal violations by state patrol in Ladeaux case

Grand Jury finds no criminal violations by state patrol in Ladeaux case

By Lauren O’Brien

A grand jury was empaneled by Sheridan County District Court Judge Travis O’Gorman on November 4 to review evidence in the deadly car chase north of Gordon that happened on October 3 around 10:25 p.m. Antoine Ladeaux was killed during the chase after his vehicle collided with the state patrol.

The court was closed to the public as the grand jury convened on December 8 as County Attorney and prosecutor Jamian Simmons presented evidence. During the jury’s deliberations, they determined if there was a “true bill” or “no true bill.” If the grand jury found a true bill, then they are recommending to the court that a criminal violation was involved in the incident. For a “no true bill” decision, no recommendation for criminal violations occurred.

The evening of December 8, the grand jury presented their recommendation of “no true bill,” which means they found no criminal conduct committed from any person surrounding the death of Antoine Ladeaux. A Grand Jury Report was issued and filed at the Clerk of District Court office. The report contains the grand jury’s verdict and documents their findings and recommendations.

The members of the grand jury were discharged from further service.

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