Community unites to Keep the Faith

Community unites to Keep the Faith

By Lauren Brant

Mikaylee Campbell talked to her mom about Faith and Jayla Brehmer’s vehicle accident that resulted in Faith being hospitalized. Jayla sustained minor injuries, but Faith remains in the hospital after she was ejected from the vehicle.

To support Faith’s recovery, 7-year-old Mikaylee Campbell told her mother, Kim Turnbull-Campbell, she wanted to have a lemonade stand for Faith. She told her mom she would use her money to buy the lemonade. “She took it to the store and opened her piggy bank and paid for it,” said Turnbull-Campbell.

As they loaded the lemonade in the car to head home, Mikaylee said she felt good for helping someone else.

Mikaylee said Faith is one of her favorite heroes. She talked about how Faith braids her hair and yells “YAY” after she spikes a volleyball. Mikaylee also said Faith is nice to her and everyone else and she always has a smile on her face. The proceeds raised from the lemonade stand will be given “to Faith to help her get back on her feet,” said Mikaylee.

The Gordon-Rushville Mustangs had a volleyball open gym and Mikaylee wanted to know when Faith would be back. Turnbull-Campbell said Mikaylee misses Faith. When she sees Faith, Mikaylee said she will “hug her and squeeze her.”

The Gordon-Rushville volleyball team is also raising money for Faith. They purchased wrist bands that read #WeHaveFaith and Brehmer Strong. The hashtag represents that Faith made it through and that she is going to recover and be okay. The second phrase recognizes that Jayla was also in the accident. The bands arrived early this week with youth and adult sizes available. The cost is $3 with the proceeds going to  help Faith. To purchase a wrist band, contact Kim Turnbull-Campbell at 308-282-0279 or check out the Facebook group “Banding” together for Faith.

Mikaylee raised $353.63 the day she set up her lemonade stand. Donations continue to come in from people who could not make it to the lemonade stand. Mikaylee is excited to hand the money to Faith herself. 

Members of the community continue to pray for the Brehmer family and keep the Faith. 

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