Foundation updates Lister-Sage workout equipment

Foundation updates Lister-Sage workout equipment

By Lauren Brant

Lister-Sage was constructed a little over thirteen years ago, south of Hay Springs High School, to give the community space to workout and play sports. Margaret Lister Truwe donated money to construct Lister-Sage in commemoration of her parents. Truwe was a 1938 Hay Springs High School graduate.  Over time, the weight room equipment began to wear and some of the weights were becoming unsafe to use. It was time for an update.

After the Hay Springs School Community Foundation/Lister-Sage board discussed prices for new equipment, they decided to go for it. A mutual fund made $20,000 in six months, Security First Bank and the Dorothy Anderson Memorial donated $5,000 each. The board continues to raise the additional $10,000.   

“We’re really excited and people are sure encouraged to come and look the facility over and join if they’d care to,” said Bev Lee, president of the Hay Springs School Community Foundation/Lister-Sage.

Before the new equipment was installed, the board held an auction on Facebook to sell the old equipment. Then, once the old equipment was removed, they washed the matting, floors, and walls. The new equipment includes treadmills, hand weights, and a variety of machines to fill the community’s needs. “We designed something that would fit the needs of 50, 60 and 70-year-olds and high school athletes,” said Jim Varvel, city council member, and Lister-Sage board member.

While the equipment is installed, the facility still needs mirrors for the dead lift and squat stations, which the board is in the process of purchasing. 

The facility is open 24/7 for the public when they purchase a membership. The only exception is when the school physical education class is using the equipment. When people use the facility, the board recommends they use workout specific shoes to reduce wear and tear. “We’re just hoping that people will take pride and take care of the facility,” said Lee.

Local businesses and community members can also support the facility by purchasing banners, which are displayed around the gymnasium. The public can also buy yearly memberships for $120 or pay $10 a month to use the weight room. There is also a key deposit to gain access to the building. To purchase a membership, contact Bev Lee at 308-430-0657 or Hay Springs Public School at 308-638-4434.

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