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Seven vehicles broken into, one stolen Friday in Gordon

Seven vehicles broken into, one stolen Friday in Gordon

By Lauren Brant

Gordon residents should lock their vehicles and remove valuables as another string of break-ins affected the city on Friday, August 11.

A Gordon Police Officer was dispatched at 4:30 a.m. to the 800 block of N. Oak St. A video recorded a vehicle break-in in progress as the officer arrived on the scene, causing the four suspects to flee across Oak St. toward Gordon-Rushville High School. According to the Sheridan County Attorney’s office, the suspects were believed to have stolen a loaded handgun from the vehicle and were carrying it. Shortly thereafter, the officer found a stolen vehicle from Box Elder, S.D., which was stolen on August 10. It is believed the suspects used the South Dakota vehicle. Police searched and seized evidence from the vehicle before it was released to the owner.

Later that morning, the Gordon Police investigated a vehicle theft on Pine St., two vehicle break-ins on Oak St., and three on Elm St. A 2004 Chevy Silverado pickup was stolen from a residence on Pine St., which the attorney’s office said may have been the getaway vehicle of the four suspects.

With the recent break-ins similar to the last outbreak in March and April, the Sheridan County Attorney’s office has asked the Sheriff’s Department and Gordon Police Department to increase patrol as the break-ins remain under investigation. If anyone has information on the break-ins or sees suspicious activity, they are advised to contact the Gordon Police Department at (308) 282-0310.

Below is a press release for the City of Gordon and the Gordon Police Department:

In the early morning of August, 11th 2017 a series of automotive break-ins occurred along the northern stretch of Oak Street. Following the incident, video recorded from a residential security camera was uploaded to Facebook showing one of the break-ins and the initial actions of the responding female officer.

The officer was dispatched at approximately 4:30 AM and proceeded immediately to the scene and arrived within minutes of the 911 call.  She can be seen in the video pulling up to the residence as the porch light comes on, causing the four suspects to flee across Oak Street towards Gordon-Rushville High School. As the officer attempted to cut the suspects off, she requested backup from dispatch. Soon after, the officer returned to the residence and briefly talked with the homeowner regarding items dropped by the suspects. She then continued to look for the suspects and within minutes found an automobile thought to be used by the suspects to travel to Gordon. The car was later determined to be stolen earlier on August 10th from South Dakota. The automobile was searched and evidence was secured before the vehicle was released back to the owner.

It has been alleged that the responding officer and other city police officers are incapable of fulfilling their duties because they are female or because they are physically inferior to the people they may potentially interact with. This allegation is simply unfounded. All officers of the Gordon Police Department are both physically and mentally qualified to perform their duties. All officers must first pass a 4 - 6 week field training program administered by certified field training officers from the Gordon Police Department before being allowed to work on their own. Furthermore, all officers must eventually graduate from a rigorous 16 week certification course at the Nebraska Law Enforcement Training Center. Officers are constantly evaluated throughout both processes for their ability to perform the necessary functions of a law enforcement officer.

The responding officer has followed departmental policy and used good judgement in the August 11th incident. She and the entire Gordon Police Department are still working on this case and are committed to enforcing the law and providing security to the City of Gordon. However, addressing the recent crime within the City will require support from the entire community. If you see something or have information about any of the previous or future crimes, please report it to the Gordon Police Department at (308) 282-0310. 

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