GRHS performs One Act –Theatrically Bold

GRHS performs One Act –Theatrically Bold

This year’s one-act play is a meditation on the horror of war set in 1990. It brings the spirit of Euripides to a Serbian detention camp for Muslim women. Men are pitted against women, Christians against Muslims, and Croats against Serbs in a drama that bares the inner conflicts that result when society is governed by illogical ethnic hatreds. 

A hard-boiled, devoutly Christian guard is torn by conflicting inner voices as he interrogates a prisoner and her mother about an explosion that killed sixteen of his soldiers. The arrival of a new, wounded camp commandant triggers murder and inevitable catastrophes reminiscent of ancient tragedy. 

The public performance will be November 20 at 7:30 p.m. in the Gordon City Auditorium. Admission is $5 a person. The play is directed by Candie Johnson with the assistance of Ryan Lovell. The cast and crew is as follows:

Vlaco – Zak Wellnitz

Herak – Rylan Hurd

Samira – Breanna Lovell

Amina – Berklie Haag

Jela – Kelanna Lovell


Jesse Moss, Ryan Wellnitz, Evan Jones-Hazeldine, Tucker Schott, Giovanni Janis, Daniel Daringer, Clay Johns, Darin Archibald, Cade Fisher, Jackson Thies, Riley Snyder, Elijah Jackson, Kayden Gilchrist, Ben Smith, Jacob Grover, Zane Hamilton, Damian Holeman, Morgan Hurlbert, Harley Carr, and Zane Hamilton

Women Captives

Katie Daringer

Maddee Schmidt

Reann Ferguson

Sherrie Kaplan

India Rittgarn

Aspen Rittgarn

Sarah Misner

Josie Shadbolt

Bayleigh Hotz

Olivia Sauer

Sierra Garrett

Abby Bruns

Lexi Reeves

Kadence Hooper

Mikayla Jaggers

Cheyenne Bauer


Brady Kersey

Ian Meng

Kaitlyn Schwarting

Elijah Cookston

Kellsey Grover

Kylie Peters

Michael Tiensvold

Sara White Face

Shaleen Landreth

Kalynn Janssen


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