Gordon’s Coffee Nook changes owners, hours

Gordon’s Coffee Nook changes owners, hours

By Lauren Brant

A passion for crafts and conversations inspired the previous owner Barb Haller to purchase The Coffee Nook in Gordon. Now, new owners will add their personal twists and brew their love of coffee for customers.

Prior to this endeavor, Haller cleaned homes for 12 years and B&I Insurance for 8 years. As she looked for something to go toward retirement that involved community interaction, she opened the business on May 10, 2013, after taking over from the previous owner. With the business offering coffee and crafts, Haller wanted the business’ name to be coffee related. “It almost got called the Rusty Cup,” said Haller. 

After 4.5 years of ownership, Haller decided it was time to focus on her family and begin crafting again. “Everything just seemed to fall into place,” said Haller. 

Haller said she will still be a member of the community. With the new management stepping in, Haller said the most enjoyable part about running the coffee shop was the people.

Once she decided to sell the business, within a week, a couple expressed an interest. Anya and Scott Higgins became the new owners of The Coffee Nook on Jan. 2. Higgins has interacted with customers and learned about the business operations since Haller hired her last October. The hardest aspects she had to learn were the milk steamer – that she burnt herself on several times – and the ingredients in every beverage.

Under the new management, Higgins said there will not be a drastic change, but she will put her personal twist on it. The Coffee Nook will have new business hours Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Higgins said they will also be open on the weekends during town events like the Parade of Lights.

Before purchasing The Coffee Nook, Higgins managed the sale barn in Rushville. She is proud of herself for achieving this dream, after emigrating from Russia almost 10 years ago. “It’s hard when you come from another country to do something on your own and I feel like I’ve accomplished something,” she said.

Once the weather warms up, the Higgins plan to host an open house for the community.

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