Bournes open Piece O’ Cake in Gordon

Bournes open Piece O’ Cake in Gordon

By Lauren Brant

Melanie Bourne has a passion for decorating, particularly cakes and floral arrangements. She recently became the new owner of Piece O’ Cake in Gordon, previously known as Debbie’s Cakes & Floral Shop.

Bourne began working in the cake decorating business alongside her mentor Debbie Kernick in 1993 at the old Ideal Market in Gordon. When Kernick decided to start her own business, Bourne followed and assisted her for a couple years.

After she met her husband Ty, she found a job in Whiteclay to be closer to where they lived. She decorated cakes in Whiteclay for 13 years, even after the family moved to Clinton. In late March, Bourne and her husband discussed purchasing Debbie’s Cakes so she could be closer to home. “I was tired of that drive from Clinton to Whiteclay and the roads are getting so scary with the bars in Whiteclay shut down,” said Bourne. “I have always been so scared to drive in the snow and ice and some mornings I would take the back roads because I felt a little more safe with gravel under me.”

The Bournes became the owners of Piece O’ Cake on April 20. When asked how they chose the name, Bourne said, “We just started talking about it and thought it was catchy.”

Bourne plans to update the sign eventually.

Since opening the business, Bourne said customers have asked for donuts, so she started making donuts and long johns. “My son Ethan has been a wonderful help this summer getting the donuts ready in the mornings when I am busy with cakes,” wrote Bourne.

She also makes sheet cakes and does floral arrangements.

Piece O’ Cake’s tentative business hours are Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Saturday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

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