County Commissioners deny request for additional road maintenance

By Ang Gilchrist
Glen Piihl and Marvin Sloan attended the commissioners meeting on Monday to express their concern over deteriorating road conditions on county road 320th Trail near Lakeside, Neb. Both men are contracted rural carriers for the United States Postal Service, and between the two of them, they travel the road six days a week. According to Piihl, because of the rough road conditions, “it takes me around 38 minutes to travel the four-mile section of road so that I can deliver mail to one mailbox.” Sloan and Phiil said their private vehicles had taken quite a beating, leading to expensive maintenance repairs. Road Superintendent Tom Kuester said that the road (like many others in the county)  is maintained twice a year. Commissioner Chair James Krotz said that he “couldn’t justify putting more money into a road that leads to two homes,”  especially with the budget cuts that have affected the county.  Commissioners Krotz and Andersen agreed that if there was a problem with mail delivery that the USPS needed to be the one to request that the  mailbox in question be moved to a more acceptable location.  According to the rural carriers, the Lakeside Postmaster has sent a letter to the homeowner requesting that the road be fixed/repaired by August 19 or the current mail service would  cease. The landowner was not at the commissioner’s meeting to confirm such letter was received.

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