Mid Nebraska Pedal Pullers results

Girls age 4: 1st, Kayli Rose; 2nd, Rolleigh Huff.
Boys age 4: 1st, JD Morris.
Boys age 5: 1st, Carden Packett; 2nd, Hunter McDonald.
Girls age 6: 1st, Jorja Grover.
Boys age 6: 1st, Tyler Daringer; 2nd, Austin Child.
Girls age 7: 1st, Hadleigh Hoos.
Boys age 7: 1st, Jace Freeseman; 2nd, Logan Daringer.
Girls age 8: 1st, Kylee Fowler; 2nd, Elissa Reina.
Boys age 8: 1st, Tristen Daringer; 2nd, Cody Grover.
Girls age 9: 1st, Shyanne Lambert.
Boys age 9: 1st, Rylan Packett; 2nd, Harley Bayne.
Girls age 10: 1st, Shaleen Landreth; 2nd, Ralynn Black Elk.
Boys age 10: 1st, Kaden Vincent.
Boys age 11: 1st, Jarret Pieper.
Girls age 12: 1st, Katie Daringer; 2nd, Reann Ferguson.
Boys age 12: 1st, Dennis Mulcahy; 2nd, Jesse Moss.
Trophies donated by the Gordon Fair Board, and prizes donated by 21st Century and Antelope Creek Cafe.

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