The Lost Trailers enjoy small town hospitality

By Ang Gilchrist
The Lost Trailers (who’s name was derived from the fact that three trailers of equipment were stolen in the beginning years of the band), put on an energy-packed performance during their concert Saturday night  to wrap up this year’s Sheridan County Fair and Rodeo. The crowd enjoyed their songs including chart-toppers: “Holler back”, “How ‘bout you don’t”, and their current hit, “American Beauty”.
Singer/songwriter Jason Wyatt was really impressed with the Sheridan County fair board and how they worked smoothly in getting the concert lined up, stating that “the hospitality that (we) received while in Gordon was really enjoyable.” All of the band members agreed that they truly enjoyed the energy and enthusiasm of the small-town crowd and how they approached the front of the stage to sing along with the band.
The band left Gordon with a few new memorable moments, including one they shared after the concert. Jason Wyatt had never heard of an “Indian Taco” before sitting down to dine at Antelope Creek Cafe  Saturday afternoon. Although the taco was very tempting with all of the great toppings, Wyatt admitted that he didn’t get to try one, saying with a chuckle, “I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to sing tonight after eating that big meal,” so he settled for a hamburger that was equally satisfying. He said he plans on trying an Indian Taco in the near future.
After their performance Saturday night, The Lost Trailers band left to drive back to Omaha, where they had a Sunday morning flight back to Nashville, Tenn.”

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