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Scherers take over Sheridan County Journal Star

Bob and Mandy Scherer stand in front of the printing presses at the Bennett County Booster II. Bob and Mandy Scherer stand in front of the printing presses at the Bennett County Booster II.

On January 1, 2020, the reins of the Sheridan County Journal Star will be turned over to Mandy Scherer, of Martin, S.D., who, along with her husband Bob, have entered into a purchase agreement with current owners Jordan and Rachael Huether.

Mandy started her newspaper career when she began working at the Bennett County Booster in December of 1999.

With the purchase of the Journal Star, the Scherers do not expect any major changes in the local newspaper.

“I would like to modernize the layout of the newspaper somewhat,” Mandy shared, “and maybe seek more printing jobs.”

“Two of my main beliefs in business,” Mandy explained, “are customer service and shop locally. We believe strongly that you should do business with people who do business with you.”

The third main belief in business, according to Mandy, is the importance of a good staff.

“Right now,” she explains, “we have very good staff at the Journal Star, and that will not change. I can’t stress enough, the importance of staff. It’s what makes a business successful. They are key.”

Courtney Ostrander currently handles all the advertising and legals for the Sheridan County Journal Star. Rachael Huether will remain on part-time helping with circulation and bookkeeping duties. Janet Sasse will continue to help with stuffing inserts and mailing/delivering. Scott Bidroski and Mike Kreitman will continue to broadcast the sports. Marti Haag will continue to report on local meetings and events. Jordan Huether will also continue to help part-time with writing sports stories and taking photos at sporting events.

The couple formed Scherer Publishing, LLC October 1, 2018, when they purchased the Bennett County Booster II in Martin, Todd County Tribune in Mission, Mellette County News in White River, and the Fall River County Herald Star in Edgemont and Hot Springs. In addition the newspaper publishing and printing, the business also offers a wide variety of other services including photo printing and job printing. 

Rachael is looking forward to the beginning of a new career, as well. “I am very excited about this merger. I know that Mandy and Bob will continue to provide the same great local coverage that Jordan and I strove to attain over the past eight years. Also, I look forward to the ability to follow my dreams of becoming a Registered Nurse,” Rachael stated. “Jordan and I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our loyal customers and readers, who have supported us in making this paper what it is today.”

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