Rushville City Council Swears in New Member; Appoints City Officials

Rushville City Council Swears in New Member; Appoints City Officials

By Marti Haag

The regular meeting of the Rushville City Council was called to order at 6:00 p.m. on

December 28, 2020 by Mayor Chris Heiser.  It was noted there is a copy of the Nebraska Open Meetings Act posted in the meeting room.  Members present were Matt Jansen, Brian Snyder, and Steve Willnerd. Member Steph Lovell was present via phone conference. Also present was City Attorney, Aaron Conn.  The Pledge of Allegiance was recited aloud by all parties present.  

The minutes from the November 30, 2020 regular meeting were approved as presented. The treasurer’s report for the October meeting was also approved.  

Mayor Heiser opened the meeting for public comment on non-agenda items. 

Kris House and Amanda Haller gave updates on the status of the Rushville Welcome signs.  Rudy Reina has been given the bid for the metal and welding needed for the signs. The Rushville Chamber of Commerce has raised over $22,000 so far and has one place secured for placement of a sign.  The next chamber meeting is January 14th at the Rushville American Legion, it will be a Social with diagrams and more information on the signs. Anyone who is interested in attending is welcome.

City attorney Aaron Conn swore in new Rushville City council member, Curt Gilchrist. Mr. Gilchrist is the replacement for Brian Snyder who had been a member for the past 7 years. Mayor Heiser and the rest of the council thanked Mr. Snyder for his service to the City of Rushville.

The Rushville City Council elected Steve Willnerd as the Council President for the upcoming term.

Council president Willnerd gave notice of a vacancy to the Rushville City Council. The vacancy will be posted in the Sheridan County Journal Star.

The Rushville City Council approved Ordinance #20-799 - a change of the quorum requirement allowing the Mayor to be deemed a member of the council in special circumstances that would require his/her presence to make a quorum.  The council then waived the two remaining readings of the ordinance.

The Rushville City Council passed Ordinance #20-800 relating to the voting power of the Mayor in circumstances involving appropriations or payment of money. The Council waived the additional 2 readings of the ordinance.

The Rushville City Council appointed/reappointed the following City Officials:

Fire Department Chief, Dwaine Sones

Utilities Superintendent, Ronald Kirk Beguin 

Street & Alley Superintendent, Ronald Kirk Beguin

City Clerk/Treasurer, Traci Feddersen & Connie Roffers

City Attorney, Aaron Conn

SWANN Board Member, Curt Gilchrist

SWANN Board Alternate, Mayor Chris Heiser

PADD Board Member, Mayor Chris Heiser

PADD Board Alternate, Traci Feddersen

ACE Board Member, Mayor Heiser

ACE Board Alternate, Traci Feddersen

The council was presented with 2 bids received for the Modisett Park bathrooms.  The bid process has now closed.  Mayor Heiser stated he will present the Modisett Park Board with the bids and get their input.  All actions were tabled until the January 2021 meeting.

The City Council reviewed and approved the bills as presented.

The next regular scheduled meeting will be January 25, 2021 at 6:00 p.m.

With no further items, the meeting was adjourned at 6:40 p.m.

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