Box Tops Puts Cash Into Our Local Schools

Box Tops Puts Cash Into Our Local Schools

By Scott Bidroski

The dreaded grocery receipt.  It ends up on the kitchen floor, on the floorboards of your vehicle, or blowing away in the wind.

Residents of Sheridan County, hold on to that piece of paper! 

Box Tops for Education is a program that many are familiar with.  It has provided millions of dollars to schools across the country.  But the days of getting your scissors out and cutting are over.

With the launching of it’s new application for your phone, you can scan your receipt and automatically earn rewards for a Sheridan County school of your choosing.  Family members from all over the country can contribute to.  They only need to select the school of choice when they download the app.

Receipts only need to be less than 14 days old to be eligible.  The app will find all the qualifying products and credit the school for the Box Tops.  At the time of publication, Gordon-Rushville Middle School and Gordon Elementary are enrolled in the program through the app.

At Gordon-Rushville Middle School, teacher Amy Schmidt is spearheading the program.

Schmidt has coordinated with the three local grocery stores, Grocery Mart, and Super Foods of Gordon and Rushville, to have a box to drop your receipt in after you complete your purchase.

Individuals can also drop their receipts off at the Journal Star in our drop box on the front of the building.  Please write which school you would like the receipt applied to; the Middle School or Gordon Elementary.

One hundred percent of the funds raised through the program go to the school.  These funds are used for many different expenses and needs of the school throughout the school year.

“The money raised is used solely on purchases for the students.  For instance, when a teacher or student group has a project that otherwise cannot be funded, money from the program can be allocated for such a purpose,” said Schmidt.

While the program has been utilized in past years, Schmidt and Slama are hopeful that more awareness would provide larger dividends for the schools.  If the amount raised became more substantial, it could be earmarked for more specific and larger projects and plans.

“About 5 years ago I started looking into integrating different classes from the Middle School and High School to create an outdoor area for GRMS students,” said Schmidt.  “There are days when a teacher will take their students outside for class and it would be nice to have an area where they can congregate to enjoy the fresh air,” added Schmidt.

When an individual downloads the Box Tops app, you can find a list of all the products that qualify.  It also updates frequently with special promotions that provide extra credits on specific items.  The app is extremely user friendly and simple to use.  As listed above, there are options for people who do not want to download the app.

Grocery shopping is something we all do, sometimes several times a week.  Let’s work together to monetize this essential part of our lives and give our schools a boost!

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