Rushville resident Young receives Freedom and Empowerment Scholarship

Rushville resident Young receives Freedom and Empowerment Scholarship

By Scott Bidroski

Rushville resident Jordan Young has found his home at Peason Online Academy. 

And this past year, Young was awarded the Freedom and Empowerment Scholarship from Pearson Online Academy. The scholarship, which is a partnership between Pearson and the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, was designated for students who demonstrate a passion for social justice advocacy who would benefit from the personalization, flexibility, and safety that the full-time online school provides.

Young was required to submit  an essay that reflected on his experience as a Hispanic male in Rushville. The topic of the essay; the lack of diversity in the small town which sparked his desire to create change.

The incoming high school junior, who is originally from Florida, moved to Sheridan County five years ago due to his father’s job. And since the move, Young has taken advantage of Pearson Online Academy and what it can provide for his educational opportunities.

“The biggest benefit to attending Pearson Online Academy is the freedom I have with my class schedule,” said Young.

Having the flexibility has allowed Young to not only complete his high school education but also having ample time to prepare and study for the ACT. Young also enjoys volunteering in the community; something he is able to do because of the flexibility of his online schooling.

Young aspires to be a maker of change on both a local and state level. He enjoys actively talking with people on the current state of the world when it comes to racial tensions and how we as a society and community can better it.

“A good first step is getting involved and working with the chamber of commerce to include more diversity training and inclusion of different races in community activities,” said Young.

“There is a great need for change. Change can start with proper education on race and on the differences between people’s appearance, starting at a somewhat young age,” he added.

Upon completion of his education at Pearson Online Academy, Young is planning to attend college and pursue a degree in Physics. He will also begin a dual enrollment this year at Chadron State College which will give Young the opportunity to earn college credits while still in high school.

Other subjects that interest Young include quantum physics, gene editing, and health and human sciences. He is also a proud member of the Diversity Club.

“My learning experience has improved since I switched.. It was a great choice to enroll in the school and I am very happy with my experience,” added Young.

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