Gordon City Council accepts bid for general insurance needs

Gordon City Council accepts bid for general insurance needs

By Scott Bidroski

The Gordon City Council held their regular monthly meeting on Thursday, October 14. The meeting began at 6:00 p.m. sharp with all members being present.

Mayor Nancy Russell, Vice Mayor Kelly Grant, Tom Evans, Alyssa Dehart, and Tim Bounous were all present at the meeting.

Mayor Russell declared the meeting properly publicized and the Council began the meeting by approving the minutes from the September 9, 2021 meeting.

The Council then approved the August and September 2021 Treasurer’s Report along with approving the bills after a short discussion and clarification.

The first item on the agenda was the request from Wellspring Church to close a portion of Fifth Street and a nearby alley for their annual Trunk or Treat event. This was approved by the Council.

The Gordon Planning Commission has been working on amending the Code in regards to mobile or modular homes. Ordinance No. 1210 was presented to the Council.

The Codes are being updated in Chapter 10, according to City Manager Glen Spaugh. The Planning Commission is providing definitions for double-wide or manufactured homes.

Councilman Bounous asked Spaugh what sparked this change in the code.

Need to add to this.

The Council then approved the Ordinance and waived the second and third readings.

The City has received two insurance bids; one from Security First Insurance in Gordon. Jessica Holston was present at the meeting to present the bid.

Holston stated she feels the bid she is presenting through Continental Western is a much better option then Traveler’s Insurance. The quote from Holston was $56,505 for general liability plus an additional $27, 757 for worker’s compensation insurance. The total cost would be $84,080.

Nate Fox was the next presenter to the Council representing League Association of Risk Management (LARM). The bid from LARM was at $94,877 which included both the general liability and worker’s compensation insurance.

The Council then voted to accept the bid from Jessica Holston with Security First Insurance.

Joe Headrick from Gordon was present to discuss with the Council in regards to student government in local government. 

Headrick would like the Council to create a position allowing students in the community to participate in local government.

Spaugh stated that he will work with local school officials to see what some options would be available.

There are two vacancies on the Gordon Planning Commission and Dayna Browder and Jason Harding have been nominated to fill the voids. The Council approved these two individuals to join the Commission.

The Council then discussed Resolution No. 2021-16 in regards to the subdivision of property owned by the William Meng Estate.

Essentially, George Meng is asking to separate the house section of the property (1.49 acres) from the acreage land to the South (16.34 acres).

The Council voted to allow this subdivision of property to happen.

The Council then revisited a topic they had tabled at a previous meeting, archiving social media posts through Archive Social.

Spaugh had sent out a survey and he received 11 replies. No one was using the Archive Social company. The company received multiple negative reviews and some had even said that they were trying to get money from the city.

Upon review of the information, the Council decided to not continue working with the company Archive Social.

SafeTech Solutions interviewed over fifteen staff members, community leaders, and medical personnel. These services were offered at no cost to the City and were funded by State funding.

SafeTech made a six recommendations for the City of Gordon.

Those recommendations are: Consider new models for long-term, sustainable staffing, implement business processes for employee hiring, performance improvement, termination, and leadership selection, implement a call schedules and compensation for ambulance employees, maximize revenue, continue to invest in a dedicated leadership position for the ambulance service, and immediately repair or replace both ambulances and store them in a facility appropriate for patient care equipment.

Activate Gordon has requested the City of Gordon to approve a reduction of speed on 2nd Street from 25 to 15 m.p.h.

The new signs would be placed on the present poles, no new locations are needed, nor any extra hardware.

The Council approved to the change to the speed limit.

The Perpetual Care Report was presented and approved by the Council.

Resolution 2021-17 was approved next by the Council. This established the parade route for the “Parade of Lights” which will be held on December 11, 2021 from 6:00 - 9:00 p.m.

Deputy Clerk Shelby Reynolds presented her idea for a Christmas in the Park in 2021.

The Council approved the idea and more details will follow on the event for the public to participate in.

The Council then approved Resolution 2021-18 which established Dan Bishop as the Street Superintendent.

The Council then voted to close the payroll checking account and begin paying all the City’s payroll from the general checking account.

This would simplify the payroll process for City Clerk Kim Buchan.

The Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) has received federal funds in the amount of $5,988,839 to administer the new Low Income Household Water Assistance Program (LIHWAP).

The Mayor needs to sign the vendor agreement in order for the City of Gordon’s utility customers to access these funds. The Council approved Mayor Russell to sign the agreement.

The liquor license was approved for Bosselman Pump and Pantry that was presented by Kinsey Bosselman.

The Council approved the Highway 20 Interlocal Law Enforcement Agreement which is done annually. It was noted there have been no changes from the previous year.

Spaugh then gave his Manager’s Report to the Council.

Of note was the planting of 10 trees in the park in mid-September.

Spaugh also said that the elevator mother board was replaced at a cost of $4,600.

The City has placed several help wanted ads recently to fill a public works laborer and a mechanic but have received no applications at this time.

No actions were taken on the Manager’s Report.

With no further business being on the agenda, the meeting was adjoured at 7:42 p.m.

The next regularly scheduled meeting is set for Thursday, November 11 at 6:00 p.m.

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