Sugar Floss ready to satisfy sweet tooths in Sheridan County

Sugar Floss ready to satisfy sweet tooths in Sheridan County

By Scott Bidroski

While planning your next event or birthday party, you may be wondering what the missing link is. Sugar Floss Catering Cart’s owner Desireé Dierksen has the answer; cotton candy.

Dierksen, who lives in Hay Springs with her husband Matthew, is originally from Gillette, Wyoming. The pair met in college and came back to call Hay Springs home.

Dierksen’s journey into the world of cotton candy came from a very simple source; her husband really likes cotton candy. 

“My husband loves cotton candy and we would come to Sackers to buy their little bags,” said Dierksen.

“So last year for Christmas, I decided I was going to get us a cotton candy machine. I typed in cotton candy machine on Amazon and kind of on a whim, put it in the cart and bought it,” she added with a laugh.

The couple’s friends came over and Dierksen was firing up the machine making tasty treats for them. The general consensus about Dierksen’s cotton candy was that it was delicious.

Desireé then took the dive into growing her operation to more than just friends and family.

Her Facebook Page: Sugar Floss Catering Cart is where you want to begin to see all her products and services that she provides. You can message her there to set-up catering or order some of her delicious treats.

On the retail side, Dierksen sells buckets and bags of cotton candy along with candied pecans  at Sackers in Hay Springs on a daily basis.

For catering you have two options with Sugar Floss.

The first option is to have her come to your event or party and sell her fresh made cotton candy on site. Patrons would pay by the stick of cotton candy.

The second option is pay a flat rate of $125 per hour and have as much cotton candy as you can fit in your mouth up for up to 20 people. If your party is larger than 20 people, there are additional charges.

Dierksen will make your cotton candy with you standing there and you can enjoy the treat while it is still warm. This is something that Desireé says is something you have to experience.

“A lot of people don’t realize that fresh cotton candy is warm and that is a different experience,” said Dierksen.

“When I have the opportunity to do it fresh, I just think it’s so much more fun to make it,” she added.

Dierksen will be hosting a Black Friday Sale and Live Spin on Friday, November 26 which will be held at Sackers.

You can message Sugar Floss on Facebook to reserve your treat basket as there will be a limited number available on the day of the sale.

There are three options available in the treat baskets, small, medium, and large. The full details are listed on her Facebook page.

So whether you are driving through Hay Springs or you are looking to take your party game up a notch, Dierksen has got you covered if you need a cotton candy fix in Sheridan County.

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