Divine Rhythm to bring Aroma Touch and Bemer Therapy to Gordon

Divine Rhythm to bring Aroma Touch and Bemer Therapy to Gordon

By Scott Bidroski

Another new and exciting business in Gordon has opened its door to offer its clients a new way to reset and improve their health.

Divine Rhythm is officially open, giving owner Kim Bostock the chance to do what she has always felt she should be doing; helping people feel better and improving their health.

“I’ve always wanted to help people and I feel like that is my calling,” said Bostock.

Divine Rhythm is a combination of two therapy techniques.

The first of the two is called Bemer Therapy. Bemer Therapy uses an FDA approved Class 2 medical device to activate your bodies own power of self-healing utilizing pulsed electromagnetic fields.

Bemer Therapy’s main goal is to promote microcirculation in the body. As people age, the microcirculation in their bodies can become a little plugged up, so the therapy helps to get things moving again which in turn helps your body heal itself naturally.

The second therapy utilized by Bostock is the Aroma Touch Technique.

This therapy is a clinical approach to applying essential oils which improve your wellbeing by reducing stressors and supporting your healthy autonomic function.

Bostock uses Doterra essential oils to help promote relaxation and stress relief, along with offering immune support, and decreasing pain and inflammation.

Both treatments can help with common ailments such as diabetes, cancer, gout, back pain, among many other conditions.

Bostock was initially introduced to the Aroma Touch technique in 2018. She then completed training and became certified.

Then in 2021, Bostock was introduced to Bemer Therapy when her mother used the therapy to help with chronic pain. Bostock completed the necessary training and became certified.

She now utilizes her knowledge of both therapies to help in any way she can.

“When I found out the benefits of the Doterra essential oils and how they helped with different ailments, I was intrigued,” said Bostock.

“But it was hard when I was not doing this full-time because it was only when I had a open Sunday. Now I will be able to give this to the community and they can feel the benefits of essential oils, Aroma Touch, and Bemer Therapy,” Bostock adds.

Bostock was born and raised in Gordon and graduated from Gordon High School in 1981. 

She did move away for a time after she got married but she says she has always seemed to come back.

The previous six years she had been ranching with her father but Bostock needed to make a change.

“I decided that the ranching business was just too hard on my body. And I really wanted to give back to the community,” said Bostock about the motivation for the change.

Customers will be welcomed into a beautiful home on 7th Street that has been in the family for over 100 years. The house is located at 300 N. 7th Street in Gordon.

Once inside, the therapy sessions will last about 45 minutes to an hour.

A Bemer Therapy session costs $35 and multiple areas of the body can be treated during each session.

An Aroma Touch Therapy session is donation based, with the average donation being a minimum of $30 per session.

Divine Rhythm has a Facebook Page which has all the information listed here in the article and much more. You can send a message through Facebook or you can call Kim at (303) 328-7473 to ask any questions or set up an appointment.

Divine Rhythm will be offering monthly specials and discounts to different professions. More details will be released about 

Bostock will also be partnering with John and Krystal Freeseman at Gordon Chiropractic. She will spend some time at their office location during the week, with those details still needing to be confirmed. Please check her Facebook page for more details in regards to the partnership.

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