Mayor Nancy Russell resigns after 25 years

Mayor Nancy Russell resigns after 25 years

By Scott Bidroski

On Thursday, February 10 the Gordon City Council held their regular monthly meeting for February.

Mayor Nancy Russell declared the meeting open at 6:00 p.m.

Alyssa DeHart, Tim Bounous, Kelly Grant, Tom Evans, along with Russell were all present.

The Council approved the minutes from the January meeting.

The Treasurer’s report from December 2021 and the bills were presented.

The Council discussed a few line items and the approved them for payment.

Due to a issue with the timing of the publication, the liquor license for Essence and owner Julie Otte had to be approved again. The Council once again approved the request.

Emily Morris and Ryan Chavez from Casey Peterson Limited joined via conference call to go over the Audit Report.

Morris and Chavez are CPA’s from Rapid City, S.D.

The report that was delivered stated that the City of Gordon was in good standing and the company did not see any major or concerning issues.

Morris noted that Kim Buchan and Glen Spaugh are always a pleasure to work with.

The Council approved the Audit Report as presented.

The full report is available for public viewing at the City offices.

Following the Audit Report, Dan Bishop spoke on the One and Six Year Street Improvement Plans.

Bishop noted that the Six Year Plan remains the same as the city is attempting to secure the financing for those projects.

The One Year Plan also remains the same for the most part. The State has taken on the burden of replacing the downtown parking stalls. So Bishop has removed that project from the City’s side of things.

Bishop also commented that he is unsure of when the project that began last year by the State will be completed. He did note that he has been in constant contact and is very optimistic that it gets done this year.

The Council then discussed Resolution 2022-01 which is discussing Cemetery Rates and Regulations.

The only change is a double in the rates for funerals held on holidays that are honored by the City of Gordon.

The Council approved the Resolution.

The Council then discussed Resolution 2022-02 which is in regards to Auditorium Fees and Regulations.

A few of the fees have changed due to some changes in the verbiage and the addition of the kitchen usage.

It was noted that the scoreboard charge was removed due to the scoreboard no longer operating.

The Council approved the changes and the Resolution.

The Council then discussed Resolution 2022-04 which is in regards to the subdivision of Jarod Peterson’s property.

The Resolution was passed by the Council.

The purchase of the Greenamyre Property was up next on the agenda.

The City had offered $9,000 to purchase the property and they counter offered at $10,500.

The Council accepted this offer and purchased the property.

The Tystad Pivot land purchase was up next with the Council receiving a counter offer.

Tystad had requested exclusive hunting rights to the property, along with having the rights to moving cattle through there. Spaugh noted that this is not included in the purchase agreement but would be a separate agreement.

Some discussion occurred about hunting access and usage in the future. The City is concerned about liability of someone getting injured while using the property and having the City being held liable.

The City will continue to discuss this with Tystad.

Spaugh stated this would be a great opportunity to control all of the land surrounding the lagoons and would give the City the option build more lagoons in the future.

The Council approved the purchase agreement but decided there needs to be more discussion about the extra items that are not on the purchase agreement.

The application for Harley Carr to join the Gordon Volunteer Rescue Squad was approved by the Council next.

There was a discussion in regards to some PACE funds that have become available.

Chief of Police Clay Heath has requested an in car camera to be purchased with the funds at the cost of around $2,000.

The remaining funds were sent to Dan Bishop to help with  electronic cemetary directory here in Gordon.

The Council liked these two ideas and approved the funds to go to those items.

The Council re-appointed Glen Spaugh as the SWANN Board representative and Kelly Grant as the alternate.

Mayor Russell then read the Problem Gambling Awareness Proclamation and the Council approved the Proclamation.

Mayor Russell then announced that there will be a special meeting Wednesday, February 16 at 6:00 p.m. to go over the One and Six Year Street Improvement Plan.

City Manager Spaugh announced that the chlorinators have arrived for the pool.

Spaugh sent requests to seven companies to install the chlorinators and had not heard anything from the companies at this point.

Brandi Fleming has been hired for the cleaning and maintenance position at the City that Spaugh had been filling in for.

Mayor Russell announced that she is not going to run again for City Council, ending her tenure as Mayor of Gordon. Russell has been in the position for 25 years.

Russell would like to host a movie night for the community at the Gordon Theatre. Russell stated she did not want a party, a clock, or anything like that, she just wants to host a movie night.

More details will come in regards to this in the near future.

Public comment was opened with no one providing any dialogue.

With no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 7:15 p.m.

The next scheduled City Council meeting is set for Thursday, March 10.

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