Local high school seniors attend Government Day

Local high school seniors attend Government Day

By Scott Bidroski

The Sheridan County Courthouse and Rushville American Legion welcomed in seniors from both Gordon-Rushville and Hay Springs High Schools for the Sheridan County Government Day on Monday, April 4.

The all day event began with students meeting with local officials at the Rushville Legion and the Pledge of Allegiance being recited.

Local officials who attended the meeting included James Krotz, Commissioner, Bruce Messersmith, Commissioner, Dan Kling, Commissioner, Renee Thies, Treasurer, Tina Skinner, Assessor, Sindy Coburn, Clerk, Carol Stouffer, Clerk of the District Court, Richard Cross, Road Superintendent, Gary Sones, Veterans Service Officer, Seth Tausan, Weed Superintendent, Marie Nelson, Nebraska Extension, Jeff Brewer, Sheriff, Aaron Conn, Attorney, Catherine Allen, Clerk Magistrate, and Bev Wellnitz, Give Program Director.

Following the introductions, the students made the quick trip to the Courthouse for several different presentations.

James Krotz presented a brief history of Sheridan County which was followed by a description of duties from each representative present.

Following a quick break, Deputy Sheridan County Attorney Jamian Simmons delivered a presentation on four very prominent cases that happened in Sheridan County.

Lunch was served after this presentation and then the students got to partake in a very special Quilt of Valor presentation.

Don Levi, David Dieriex, and Ron Dorsey all received their Quilt of Valor from the Panhandle Block organization. The students, along with many friends and family members, were all present to enjoy.

The entire day was a great success for the students in the eyes of both Ward Wacker, Gordon-Rushville Government instructor, and Brad Bounous, Hay Springs Government instructor.

“I think it is an excellent learning experience. Students enjoy the opportunity to get out of the building and learn in a new environment,” said Brad Bounous.

“They get to interact with the students from a neighboring school and learn about how their county works. They also have the opportunity to learn some local history, which I believe is important,” added Bounous.

Ward Wacker also recognizes the impact the day can have on students.

“Being able to take our students to Rushville and meet with county officials is a tremendous experience,” said Wacker.

“By going to the county offices we learned more in a few hours than we could have gleaned from lessons in class. We really appreciated the time and effort the county officials and the Rushville Legion put into the program they offered,” added Wacker.

The day was planned and hosted by Bev Wellnitz, who is the Director of the Give for Sheridan County program.

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