Rushville Public Library is seeking donations for much needed roof and foundation repairs

Rushville Public Library is seeking donations for much needed roof and foundation repairs

By Scott Bidroski

The Rushville Public Library is heading a campaign to help with some urgent needs to its existing building.

The location at 207 Sprague Street in Rushville has been in disrepair for the past ten years.

This has lead to damage from the roof leaking which has in turn damaged the foundation of the building. A fix was put in place at one point in the past but unfortunately, it was not a permanent solution.

The estimated costs to completely fix the building are estimated near $150,000.

Fundraising efforts have been ongoing for some time now. And Rushville Library Board President Joanna Conn is hopeful they can secure  the funds needed to complete the project.

“We have currently raised $37,000 to go towards the building repairs,” said Conn.

“This has been done over the last 16 months, through fundraising and the generosity of the Friends of the Library, along with private donors and many local businesses,” added Conn.

In order to help with the project, the City of Rushville has offered a loan to get the building repairs started. The Library will use the money they have already collected for a down payment but would appreciate any help they can receive to help with the repayment of the loan.

The Rushville Library Board is also seeking grant monies that could help with the project. A grant had been secured earlier this year but has recently fallen through and will not be available for use.

The Rushville Library is a hub of sorts for the community, offering many opportunities for Rushville residents.

The Library is equipped with computers, a copier, printer, and even cake pans for use.

The facility is also used as a meeting space for adult education courses and hosts many community organization’s meetings.

“If we do not fix the problems, we will not have a library, and that would truly be a sad state of affairs for many in this community,” said Conn.

“We service on average 500 patrons a month which for a town of 800 is fantastic,” she added.

The building was built by the Masons in 1940. In 1990, Mary Hewitt purchased the building from the Masons and donated it to become the Public Library.

Interested individuals or businesses who want to help can reach out to the Library at (308) 327-2470 and donations can be dropped off there as well.

The City Offices is also another spot in which citizens can drop off a donation.

“The Library is not only a place for seeking the written word but a place for children to play, grow and learn,” said Conn.

“It is a safe place for all ages. It is a place to apply for jobs, research new interests, and maybe make some new friends!”

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