Jay & Jessamyn Voss open Scooters location in Chadron

Jay & Jessamyn Voss open Scooters location in Chadron

By Scott Bidroski

A couple with deep ties to Sheridan County have diversified their portfolios and made a dive into the coffee business.

Jay and Jessamyn Voss, who reside south of Hay Springs, have opened a brand new Scooters in Chadron, Neb.

The long process came to fruition on Friday, March 10 as the owners, along with friends, family, and members of the community came out to the location to celebrate the opening.

Jay, who is originally from Chadron and graduated from Chadron High School, has worked at the First National Bank of Gordon since graduating from college.

His family purchased the bank in the 1960’s and it has been family run ever since.

Jessamyn is a native of Sidney, Neb. and graduated from Mitchell High School. She moved into the area in 1998 and both her children attended Gordon-Rushville High School.

The pair were married in 2011 and have been keeping busy ever since.

They run Registered Angus cattle on their ranch near Hay Springs along with Jessamyn owning and operating a graphic design company, JC Ranch Designs. 

The couple jokes that all the side gigs are a necessity to keep the cattle business going.

“Funny thing about running cows is, you have to come up with lots of ideas to supplement your cow herd,” said Jay with a grin.

“It takes a lot of off-farm income to run a cow. But we love running cattle, that’s our passion,” he added.

“Everything we do is agricultural based so we thought we might have to diversity our portfolio. So we decided to start a coffee shop,” said Jessamyn.

And they did just that.

The process began and almost ended back in 2017. Jay had stopped by a Scooters in Scottsbluff, Neb. and thought that something like this would fit in Chadron.

After a few phone calls he found out that the Chadron franchise was taken.

The idea was buried for several years until recently, during a chance conversation, the couple found out it was now available. They jumped right in.

“It took us quite a while to find a lot in Chadron,” said Jay. 

“We had to figure out traffic counts, logistics; all of the issues that fit into a key location and we were lucky enough to find one,” he added.

Once the location was selected, construction began and transformed the area at 341 W. 3rd St., creating the home for Scooters.

“‘Amazing people, serving amazing drinks, amazingly fast’ is the company motto,” said Jessamyn.

“We strive for a quality product and excellent customer service but served fast,” she added.

On the menu, there is no shortage of items to order.

Their signature drink, Caramelicious, is the star of the menu.

But Red Bull Infusions, Nitro Brew, along with fresh coffee that is brewed every 3 hours, all have their place on the drink menu.

Compliment that with breakfast items that include sandwiches, cinnamon rolls, muffins, cookies, and cake bites, Scooters has you covered.

Even though the business carries a big time selection, things are much more family focused inside, which was a huge selling point for Jay.

“Everything about their corporate environment is what we align ourselves with,” said Jay.

“The core values of the company are integrity, love, humility, and courage. It’s a good solid Nebraska based company that got its roots started in Nebraska,” he added.

Scooters currently has 600 locations nationwide with another 1,200 in the works.

The Chadron location is located at 341 W. 3rd Street. They are open 5:30 a.m. - 7:00 p.m. Monday-Friday and 6:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m on Saturday and Sunday.

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